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Part 3 - 1800 to 1849

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Part 3 (1800 to 1849) 
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Kinross Dowies
13-6-1802 Birth, in Cleish, of Elizabeth Tweedie, parents: David Tweedie and Betty Allen. OPR CD 
1804  Approx. year of birth of James Grainger, parents: Thomas Grainger and Jean Brownlie.  Census & 
reg. of death
13-7-1804  John Powdrell joined the Lanark Infantry at Lanark Barracks.  Wages: £18  (Also mentioned are a John and a James Tweedie.  On outside of book is written "Clydesdale Infantry, 1st Glasgow")  Mrs Norman
2-11-1804 Birth, in Polmont, of James Begg, parents: James Begg and Jean Clark OPR CD
1805 [Trafalgar] -
5-5-1806 Birth, at Glenbervie, of William Begg, father: James Begg OPR CD
26-10-1806 Marriage, in Glasgow, of John Powdrel and Margaret Neilson, residenter.  (He was then aged 26 .  Register states "servant, Glasgow" - he probably said "serving."  He was a still a soldier at that time. There is also an annotation: "warrant not called for") (Date from IGI CD… unclear on film of actual register)  

The next entry (i.e. the line below on the same day) is (from memory) the marriage of "Alexander Neilson, plane maker".  Worth checking for the births of Margaret and Alexander Neilson.  (In the Napier Collection at GU Archives there is recorded: 1821 - Tack of Lease from Robert Napier, smith, to "Alexander Neilson, plane maker," of the wright’s shop above Napier’s smithy in Grammar School Wynd, Glasgow). 

Dumbarton born Napier, the "Father of Clyde shipbuilding," first set up business as a smith in 1815, in Greyfriars Wynd off the High Street.  Around this time, i.e. in the early 1820's, he had a contract to manufacture pipes for a Glasgow waterworks scheme and produced a 12 h.p. steam engine for a Dundee Mill.  Twenty years later, he was building 1150 ton ships for the Cunard line which he (with Charles MacIver, Sam Cunard, George Burns and with the help of some Glasgow businessmen) helped to found.




Dec 1807 John  Powdrell recorded in wages book  of 1st Glagow (Volunteers)  Mrs  Norman
5-9-1808? John  Powdrell recorded in wages book for Symington Lodge Biggar. Officer: Alex Renton.  Mrs Norman
1808 Glasgow Infantry left for France. Mrs Norman
1811 Marriage of Catherine Dowie and William Poustie (1st husband)  IGI
1812 Birth of William Poustie, parents: Cathereine Dowie and William Poustie.  OPR CD
2-10-1815 John Powdrell - aged 35 - having been shot in the arm, is discharged from his regiment.  Mrs Norman
8-3-1816 County of Leicestershire  (1816) 
The examination of John Powdrell of Nailstone in the said County touching his legal settlement taken upon oath this 8th March 1816. 
This examinant says that he is about the age of 37 years - that he was born, as he has been informed, at Nailstone aforesaid where his father resided and was legally settled.  That when he was about twelve years old, he was bound an apprentice to John Billings of Desford, in the said county, framework knitter,  for the term of seven years, that he continued with his master, the said John Billings, for about one year when his mother bought his time out from the said J. Billings, for the sum of one guinea or a guinea and a half, but he is not sure which, that he then came and resided at Nailstone aforesaid for about 3 or 4 months working at his trade of weaving stockings, that he then enlisted into the Glasgow Volunteers and has served in various Regiments as a Private Soldier ever since till the 2nd October last when he was discharged.  That he has never done any other act to gain a settlement in any parish or place to the best of his knowledge and belief. 
Sworn before (J. Adnult?).                                  The Mark of John Powdrell 
Mrs Norman
29-1-1820 [Accession of George IV] -
23-1-1824 Birth, in Lanark, of Sarah Powdrel, parents: John Powdrel and May (Marion) Dowie Lan 648/6
11-12-1825 James Grainger, mason, married, in Edinburgh (both in Old Greyfriars Parish), Catherine Dowie, daughter of Thomas Dowie, mason [and May Millions], of Kinross.  OPR
7-11-1826 Birth, in Lanark, of John Baxter Poudrel (John Grainger after adoption by May's sister, Catherine), parents: John Poudrel and May Dowie Lan 648/6 P55
March 1827 Great fall of snow - continued for 2 days; 200 men were employed at "castin' the roads."  Mr James Foote, manufacturer, Kinross, not making his appearance from Dunfermline, where he had gone on business, 50 men went in search of him over the Cleish Hills where he was found frozen to death. (7th to 9th March) 
(Could refer to William Foote's brother, James, who would have been 46 in December 1826... easy enough to check). 
Annals of 
26-6-1830 [Accession of William IV] -
20-5-1832 Marriage, in Kinross (and again in Cleish on the 8th June), of William Foote and Elizabeth Tweedie. OPR
1832 Birth of Elizabeth Foote, parents: William Foot and Betty Tweedie IGI
1833 Birth of Janet (Jessie) Foote, parents: William Foote and Elizabeth Tweedie. Inscrption
22-7-1836 Marriage, at Glenbervie (Fetteresso on the 24th), of William Begg and Susan Henderson OPR CD
25-9-1836 (May be irrelevant) Birth of James Begg, parents: James Begg and Margaret Findlayson. OPR CD
28-5-1837 Birth, in Feterresso, of William Begg, parents William Begg and Susan Henderson OPR Index
20-6-1837 [Accession of Queen Victoria] -
18-2-1839 Birth, in Feterresso, of George Begg, parents William Begg and Susan Henderson OPR Index

Kelty Village, Cleish:  
David Tweedie, 75, Linen Weaver 
William Tweedie, 40, Linen Weaver 
Janet Tweedie, 40 
Bettie Tweedie Foote, 35 
Betty Foote, 10 
Janet Foote, 8 

West End of Kinross:  
James Grainger, 36, mason 
Catherine, 45 
John Grainger, 12  (born John Baxter Poudrel) 
(actually aged 14 - born 7-11-1826) 

9 Commercial Rd, Hutchiesontown:  
Margaret Begg, 30 
Mary, 10 
Margaret, 7 
James, 5 

Lan 644/2 - 96] 


Dissolution of Clyde Marine Insurance Co. (agreed 4th July 1843) 
Sequestration -  James Smith (Madeleine's father), director of above Ins. Co 
Sequestration - James Dowie of Heatheryford, and wright of Kinross.  
Sequestration - William Foote , potato dealer and shipowner.
The records of St Serf's Masonic Lodge in Kinross are in the attic and, apparently, the ceiling is quite high so a long ladder has to be put up - but sooner or later ... 
6-2-1845 Birth, in Fordoun, of Susan Begg, parents William Begg and Susan Henderson OPR Index
5-4-1847 Birth, in Fordoun, of Eliza Begg, parents William Begg and Susan Henderson OPR Index
11-7-1848 Birth, in Fordoun, of James Begg, parents William Begg and Susan Henderson. OPR Index
Part 1 (1066 to 1649) 
Part 2 (1650 to 1799) 
Part 3 (1800 to 1849) 
Part 4 (1850 to 1900) 
 The Kinross Museum - History Page
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