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Part 4 - 1850 to 1900

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Part 4 (1850 to 1900) 
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28-7-1850 Marriage of William Gibson and Margaret Sneddon [IGI]



Kelty Village, Cleish: 
William Tweedie, 49, weaver 
Betsey Tweedie Foote, 46, his sister 
Jessie Foote, 17, his neice 

Parliament Square, Kinross: 
James Grainger, 46, born Bo'ness 
       (mason employing 8 men, 3 labourers, 2 apprentices) 
Catherine, 52, his wife (nee Dowie. Her father: Thomas Dowie, mason, Kinross).
John Grainger, 22, journeyman mason,  nephew (born John Baxter Poudrel - his mother: May Dowie, Catherine's sister.) 
James Campbell, 10, scholar, a visitor 
Mary Leitch (servant) 
       (next door neighbour - Brownlie) 
Parliament Square is in behind the fountain on the left. 
Kinross, High Street and Cross 
Parliament Square is on the left behind the fountain. I think the rounded building on the right was the courthouse, built by Adam.  There was a tunnel which ran under the street to take the condemned man to the gibbot. 

40 High Street, Auchinblae, Fordoun: 
William Begg, 44, mason, born Glenbervie 
Susan (Henderson), 41, his wife, born Dunnottar 
George Begg, 12, son, scholar, born Fetteresso 
Mary Begg, 9 daughter, scholar, born Fetteresso 
Susan Begg, 6, daughter, scholar, born Fordoun 
James Begg, 2, son, born Fordoun
13-7-1851 Marriage, at Kinross (and Cleish on the 25th) of John Grainger, from Kinross, and Janet (Jessie) Foote, from Cleish.  OPR  
462/6 P190
1852 Birth of James Grainger, parents: John Grainger and Jessie Foote From 1871 reg  
of marriage 
1853 Birth of Mary Gibson, parents William Gibson and Margaret Sneddon. From 1871 reg. 
of marriage 
1854 -6 [Crimean War] -
July 1857 [Trial of Madeleine Smith]  -  Don't use this link if you have the Madeleine Smith menu frame on the left of your screen - (you're already there)! -
1857-8 [Indian Mutiny] -
9-7-1859 Death, at age 26, of Jessie Foote Grainger (buried Cleish churchyard) Inscription
1860 Death of Janet Powdrell,  (of the other Powdrell family on the Scottish records), sister of Sarah Kinlay, parents John Powdrell & Agnes Milne. Scots Origins

At 9 Commercial Rd, Hutchiestown: 
James Begg, 56, practical engineer (born Polmont) 
Margaret, 49, his wife, (born Thornliebank) 
Mary, 30, his daughter, dressmaker 

Lan 644/10 
 1861 Slater's Directory - Kinross - J. Grainger & Co., Builders, Kinross. (born John Baxter Poudrel) -
12-7-1861 Marriage, at Auchtermucty (or Strathmiglo), after banns to forms of Free Church of Scotland, of John Grainger Poudrel, mason, aged 33, and Eliza Blyth, 31. 
His parents: John Pouderel, gardener,and May Dowie, (deceased) 
Her parents: David Blyth, weaver, and Helen (ms) Blyth
Rg 406 E12
1861-5  [American Civil War] -
26-1-1865 Marriage of Alexander Kerr, whalefisher,  and Mary McLeod  
(His parents Alexander Kerr and Isabella Mathieson 
(Her parents: Alexander McLeod and Margaret Urquhart).
Source ?
1-9-1865 Marriage, at 9 Commercial Rd, of Alexander Macpherson of 22 Old Smith Hills (or Mills), Paisley, Staff  Segeant in the Renfrew Militia, and Mary Begg, dressmaker, of 9 Commercial Rd,  Witness: Christina Begg.  
(His parents: John Macpherson, cotton spinner, and Isabella Finlayson) 
(Her parents: James Begg, machine pattern maker, and Margt Finlayson). 
Civil Register 
1868 Birth, in Brechin, of William Begg Macpherson, parents: Alexander Macpherson and Mary Begg. Reg of death.
22-3-1868 Death, age 65, of James Grainger, master mason, of Parliament Sq., Kinross; married to Catherine Poustie (ms Dowie - May Dowie's sister); his parents: Thomas Grainger, journeyman mason, and Jean Brownlie; informant William Poustie (step-son). OPR Kinross 
462 entry 9
21-3-1870 Birth, in Brechin, of Alexander Kerr, parents: Alexander Kerr (whalefisher) and Mary McLeod.  (Source?)
At Martyr's Place, Dunfermline 
William Tweedie, 70, silk weaver 
Elizabeth Tweedie Foote, 67, sister, widow. 
Elizabeth Grainger, 34, neice unmarried, 
James Grainger, 18, nephew  
29-12-1871 Marriage, at Dunfermline, of James Grainger, age 19, of Martyr's Place and Mary Gibson, age 18, of Monastry St.  
(His parents: John Grainger (Poudrel), mason, and Jennie Foote) 
(Her parents: William Gibson, engineman, and Margaret Sneddon). 
R 421/1  
Entry 166 
1872 Death, at Inveresk, of Sarah (Powdrell) Kinlay, age 65, sister of Janet Powdrell, parents: John Powdrell & Agnes Milne. Scots Origins
14-2-1872 Death, at age 69, of Betty (Elizabeth Tweedie) Foote, buried Cleish.  Inscription
9-1-1873 Birth, in Dunfermline, of Margaret Grainger, parents: James Grainger and Mary Gibson. IGI
17-5-1873 Birth, at Sandport, Kinross, of William Blyth Grainger, parents: John Grainger, journeyman mason, and Eliza Blyth (married 12-7-1861). OPR 462 E-33
11-8-1873 The Scotsman, 11th August 1873 "On Saturday Morning, John Grainger," (Pouderel) "mason, Kinross, while engaged on a scaffolding repairing a house at the south end of the town, missed his footing and fell some twelve feet, dislocating his knee, breaking one of his legs and several of his ribs." Scotsman
24-12-1873 Birth, at St Giles (Royal Maternity Hospital?), Edinburgh, of Isabella Ross Begg, mother: Mary Begg R-685/4 
E. 406
22-1-1874 Birth, in Dunfermline, of William Tweedie Grainger, parents: James Grainger and Mary Gibson. IGI
At Montrose St, Brechin:  
Susan Begg, 72, widow, (born Fetteresso) 
Mary Begg, 38, dtr, (born Fetteresso) 
Susan Begg, 36, dtr., (born Fordoun) 
Mary Guthrie, 17, grd-dtr, (b.Fordoun)  
William McPherson, 14, g-son, (Brechin)  
Isabella Begg, 7,grd-dtr, scholar, (born Edinburgh)  
Eliza Begg, 6, grd-dtr, scholar, (born Brechin)  

At Sandport, Kinross:  
John Grainger, 52, mason (born "Hamilton") * 
Eliza, 51, his wife 
William, 7, son  
* (John was born in Lanark - John Baxter Poudrel)

Vol 275  
Enum Dist 9  
Page 35  
fiche: 00689
11-3-1885 Death, at age 54, of John Grainger, master mason, of Sandport, Kinross; married to (1) Jessie Foote (2) Eliza Blyth; mother: May "Smith" (actually Dowie); informant: J. Grainger, Thornton, son.  Register Ho. 

Daniel Grainger some time in the 1930s?Birth, at Thornton, Markinch, Fife, of  Daniel (and Mary) Grainger, parents: James Grainger and Mary Gibson

Daniel Grainger served in the Royal Scots during WW1. He had three wounded stripes. On one occasion he was lying badly wounded in no-man's-land when two German soldiers left their trenches and, without stopping, grabbed an arm each - they'd had enough and they dragged him to the British lines as their ticket to a quieter life. After the last injury he was told that a piece of shrapnel had lodged aginst his spine and that he would never walk again. Fortunately, he had already been up and about for a few days before being given the bad news.


Extract of 
Entry (14) 
1890/91 Resident at 12 Dalkeith Road: Alex Fairlie; William Ross; Mrs George H. Drysdale. P/O Directory
At 2 Montague Street, Edinburgh: 
William Begg Macpherson, 23, general clerk (born Brechin) 
14-8-1891 Isabella Ross Begg Marriage, after banns to forms of Free Church, at 12 Dalkeith Rd, Newington, Edinburgh, of Alexander Kerr, 21, mason, of 2 Montague St, and Isabella Ross Begg, 17, of 12 Dalkeith Rd ; 
Witnesses: Mary Begg and William Begg Macpherson. 
(His parents: Alexander Kerr, fisherman, and Mary McLeod) 
(Her mother: Mary Begg)
Entry 406
16-9-1892 Birth, at 5 Summerhall Square, Newington, Edinburgh, of Edith Kerr, parents: Alexander Kerr, mason, and Isabella Ross Begg Extract (031)
31-3-1900 Death, at age 70, at Sandport, Kinross, of Eliza Grainger, widow of John Grainger, mason; her parents: David Blyth, weaver, and Helen Blyth [ms-Blyth]; informant: William B. Grainger, son, of 33 Dechmont St, Glasgow. R-462 e-11
Part 1 (1066 to 1649) 
Part 2 (1650 to 1799) 
Part 3 (1800 to 1849) 
Part 4 (1850 to 1900) 
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