The Trial of Madeleine Smith
List of Witnesses
(with links to testimony)

Excerpt from The Glasgow Herald

Wednesday Morning July 1st 1857

Trial of Madeleine Smith

Charge of Murder or Attempted Murder    

High Court of Justiciary - Tuesday 30th June

From the court artist's drawing

Photograph courtesy of David Warrilow © David Warrilow 1998

This case, regarding which such an intense interest has been excited, not only in Glasgow but over all Scotland, commenced this morning before the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh. The doors were opened at eight o'clock, when the part of the hall reserved for the general public was instantly filled.  The faculty of advocates occupied one of the side galleries and a seat behind the dock.  To other parts of the court, admission was given by ticket and, on the whole, the arrangements seemed to be very judicious.  About a dozen females, or perhaps we should designate them ladies, were in court, and some of them evinced such a determination to sit out the proceedings that they brought their work with them and commenced stitching as soon as they sat down.

About twenty minutes past ten o'clock, the Lord Justice-Clerk, the Lords Ivory and Handyside took their seats on the bench as the presiding judges.  Lord Cowan was also present as was, afterwards, Lord Ardmillan. 

Photograph courtesy of David Warrilow

© David Warrilow 1998

Shortly thereafter, Madeleine Hamilton Smith, a very pretty girl, was placed at the bar.  She was dressed in a white straw bonnet, black silk mantle, grey cloak, brown silk gown, lavender gloves, and carried a silver mounted smelling-bottle in her hand.  She was pale but quite composed.  She was accompanied by a female warder.

The Lord Advocate (Moncreiff), Solicitor-General (Maitland), and Donald Mackenzie Esq., Advocate-Depute, appeared as counsel for the Crown with J. Clark Brodie Esq., Crown counsel.  David Hector esq., and A. Rutherfurd Clark, Esq., Advocate-Deputes, were also present.  The Dean of Faculty (Inglis), George Young Esq., and Alexander Moncreiff Esq., appeared as counsel for the prisoner.  Agents - Messrs. Ranken, Walker & Johnston, Edinburgh;  Mr Daniel Forbes of Messrs. Moncreiff, Paterson, Forbes & Barr, Glasgow; and Mr John Wilkie of Wilkie and Faulds, Glasgow.   Dr Harry Rainey attended as adviser for the medical evidence. 

The Jury:

James Christie, farmer, Hailes 
James Pearson, farmer, Northfield 
James Walker, farmer, Kilpunt 
Charles T. Combe, merchant, York Place 
William Sharp, Auckland Villa 
Archibald Weir, bootmaker, Leith 
Charles Scott King, Shakespeare Square 
Alexander Morrison, currier, Linlithgow 
Andrew Williamson, clerk, Parkside Street 
Hugh Hunter, cabinetmaker, NW Circus Place 
Robert Andrew, cowfeeder, Nether Liberton 
George Gibb, shoemaker, Glover Street, Leith 
William Moffat, teacher, Duke Street 
David Forbes, Scotland Street 
Alexander Thomson, Torphichen. 

Photograph courtesy of David Warrilow

© David Warrilow 1998


 I will continue to upload, as time allows, the testimony of the witnesses who are, at this point, unlinked.
    Tuesday 30th June - First Day  

Crowds outside the High Court await the verdict - Image from a contemporary newspaper
The scene outside the High Court in Edinburgh

    Monday 6th July - Sixth Day  


Tuesday 7th July - Seventh Day 
(Lord Advocate's Address) 
Wednesday 8th July - Eighth Day 
(Dean of Faculty's Address)
(Lord Justice-Clerk's Charge) 


Another court artist's depiction of the trial of Madeleine Smith.
Image from a (poor) copy of a contemporary lithograph.

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