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Rated by in their "Web's Best Sites" category, this web site is devoted to the Madeleine Smith case.
Featuring new in-depth research undertaken prior to scripting the musical, it sets out the full story of a bizarre orchestration of evidence discovered 140 years too late
The full Madeleine Smith Story in RealAudio Format
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A Scottish Murder - Re-writing the Madeleine Smith Story, isavailable in UK book shops. It can also be purchased online from Amazon.

N.B. the site is undergoing some restructuring and some areas have been temporarily removed for this long-overdue overhaul. The original audio version of the story, although now a bit outdated - research was ongoing when it was recorded - is still available.

A Scotttish Murder - Rewriting the Madeleine Smith Story is published by The History Press (previously Tempus Publishing):
"Jimmy Powdrell Campbell's amazing forensic discoveries turn the case on its head. In this myth-shattering new account, he proves the young Scot's innocence beyond any doubt and rewrites one of the most intriguing murder trials of all time. A Scottish Murder - Re-writing the Madeleine Smith Story (Tempus Publishing - July 2007)Set in the prim world of Victorian Scotland, the murder of Madeleine's lover shocked a nation, but this new look at the intricacies of the case is even more eye-opening, as the true tale of deception, lust and revenge is finally revealed."

Thursday, 9th July 1857 - The atmosphere outside the High Court in Edinburgh was charged to fever pitch as the crowd awaited the verdict at the end of the most sensational trial of the century.

Hanging in the balance was the life of Madeleine Smith, attractive 22 year old daughter of a prosperous Glasgow architect.Over the preceding few days, salacious revelations of Madeleine's secret romance had been making headlines throughout the world. By the end of the trial, in spite of widespread belief in her guilt, sympathy had swung towards Madeleine, and the crowds cheered when news of the 'Not Proven' verdict reached the street. Madeleine was free to leave the court, but she was never free from suspicion.

The High Court, Edinburgh  (image from a contemporary newspaper)The book can be purchased online from Amazon.

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