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Mystery books and novels are exciting and enticing. There’s always that excitement when you don’t know what’s going to happen or who is going to be killed.


In early 1999, a murder mystery fan decided to start a blog. He wanted to bring the latest murder mystery stories to the general public. The blog multiplied, and in less than three years, he decided to start a significant website. He also went on to hire several staff members to help him write the latest murder mystery stories.

Top Mystery Stories

Our website was founded to entertain and entice fans of murder mysteries. We have published over 100 murder mysteries over the last ten years. Some of these are historical murder mysteries that have not been solved for many decades. However, others are fictional.

The Massacre of Glencoe

There is no valley in Scotland which nature has endowed with more majesty, more savage beauty than Glencoe.  The mountains rise in stupendous masses all around forming an amphitheater, vast in extent and preserving a stillness and an awesome solemnity.

Robert Napier

Robert Napier, the man often described as ‘the father of Clyde shipbuilding”, was born on 21st June 1791, to James and Jean Napier, in their home in Walker’s Close in the High Street of Dumbarton.

Scottish Field

In 1802, he was commissioned by the governors of Hutchesons’ Hospital to design their new building in Ingram Street. Here we can see a number of the characteristics which we associate with the contemporary work of Sir John Soane in London.


Murder Mysteries

Any murder is horrific and terrifying. However, others can be brutal and dangerous. There have been many unimaginable brutal killings throughout history. The police solved some, but others remain unsolved to date. Our blogs identify and examine some of these murders so that you can know the truth. Some of these mysteries are:


Jack The Ripper


The Black Dahlia


The Zodiac Killer


Madeleine Smith Story


Years Of Service


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