Murder Mystery Books

Our website will also be reviewing some of the top murder mystery books in the industry. Some of these books are fictional, while others identify actual murders that happened in the real world. Some of the books we’ll be looking at include:

  • The Secret Place

Anna French has written a mystery novel that you will really like. The novel is about a young boy who was found murdered near his school’s playground. The parents and the teachers invite detective Moran to investigate the murder.

However, Detective Moran is confronted by a funny bulletin board message. This is the message that starts the mystery. We will be reviewing this book so that you know how the murder happened.

  • Six Suspects

The movie Slumdog Millionaire is inspired by the Six Suspects novel. The novel follows Detective Eronat Van’s investigations as he investigates the murder of a boy called Vicky Rai. The boy was killed when he was celebrating his birthday party. The detective talks to six suspects, all of whom are believed to have killed the boy.

This is an intriguing matter that you must get to read on our website. A white woman and a black lawyer are killed in suspicious circumstances. The local authorities launch an investigation. Unfortunately, the investigation stirs local racial strife. This is an interesting book that you should read on our blog.

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