The Fight against Homicide: 10 Ways to Safeguard Your Home & Self from Murders

Crime reports are ever on the rise with rape, homicide and robbery being the most common crimes.

The U.S., according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, has a homicide crime rate of 7.9% in every population of 100,000.

One of the worst crimes is homicide. Many people have been murdered both at home and even away from home. A home invasion occurs when offenders enter your house illegally with weapons they use to rob and injure their victims.

Therefore, it’s important to safeguard yourself and family from such intrusions and related murders. Here’re ten ways you can safeguard your home and self from murders:

  • Invest in an alarm system
  • Install windows with sensors
  • Install a smart home system
  • Put up security signs and stickers around your home
  • Install security cameras
  • Make it a habit to lock your windows and doors
  • Tint your windows using a window film
  • Use motion lights in your compound
  • Change your locks often
  • Arm yourself with licensed weapons

Top 10 Tips to Improving Your Home Security against Homicides

1. Invest in an alarm system

Alarm systems are an effective way of putting off any intruders that may want to break into your house. Whenever offenders and crime doers are aware that your home is fitted with an alarm system, they shy off and would not want to be noticed.

Crime committers don’t always want to be noticed. When your alarm goes off as they approach, they’re likely to leave faster, leaving your home secure.

However, some countries don’t allow their citizens to install alarm systems unless they get a permit. Check out your country’s laws and apply for a license.

2. Install windows with sensors

When you add sensors to your windows and doors, you get notified whenever someone tries to open or close them. If you want to secure yourself and home, protect your home to prevent any potential entrances and break-ins.

3. Install a smart home system

To automatically protect your home from intruders, invest in a smart system in your home.

You won’t be able to watch around your home all the time, but with the smart system, you can be notified when someone intrudes into your home.

Some appliances you can install into a smart home for protection include:

  • Smart lighting
  • Smart cameras
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart smoke and breakage detectors

Designed for easy installation, you can also easily add heaters to your smart system. Some good options include the Takagi tankless water heaters.

The appliances are automated.


You can customize them to detect an intrusion and raise the alarm if your home is under attack.

4. Use security signs and stickers around your home

Security signs scare away crime doers.

Offenders often love easy targets. If they find a security sign in your place, they’re likely to shy off and look elsewhere for easy targets.

Don’t use fake signs; professional killers know how to differentiate genuine signs from fakes.

5. Install security cameras

Cameras capture every moment as it happens. Therefore, installing some around your home is a sure way to capture crime doers on the act. The security devices can also cause intruders to shy off your premises.

Cameras can even be used in a court of law to sue offenders. If you can’t afford proper security cameras, modify your old phones and turn them into the security gadgets.

6. Make it a habit to lock your windows and doors

Intruders have several ways of accessing a person’s home. They can easily access your home if they find your doors and windows unlocked. Even so, some people still leave their doors open.

This can be dangerous, especially if a killer is aiming at attacking you. For sliding glass doors, use secure glass doors to make them difficult to cut.

7. Tint your windows using a window film

Transparent windows are awesome because you can see right through them. You’re able to view your compound from inside your home. But, the danger comes in if an intruder can see you from outside.

Add a film to your window so that whoever is outside can’t see anything happening in the house. This way, they won’t get enough information to plan for an attack.

8. Use motion lights in your compound

Light up your compound at night using motion lights. Illuminate all your entrances so you can see anyone who enters your home at night. This way, crime doers will shy away because they usually prefer to attack at night in darkness.

You can automate your lights so that when the sense motion is triggered, the bulbs light up.

9. Change your locks often

If someone wants to harm you, they’re likely to follow and monitor your steps every time. They could get their hands on your keys, hence the need to change your locks after some time.

This ensures that even if intruders get access to your key, they won’t be able to open your new locks.

10. Arm yourself with licensed weapons

Security starts with you as an individual.

Keep some safety weapons with you in the house for security reasons. In case of an attack, you can scare away a criminal, and even defend yourself against being harmed.

We hope that you found these tips handy!

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